Hi! I'm Ugur.

Making things, for little or no reason. Anything goes. Here are some of them.


Character Frequency Analyzer

Character Frequency Analyzer Easy to use, online character frequency counter. - 11.2018

Self Sealing Stembolts

Made with SonicPi - 11.2018

Foo Fighters

Made with SonicPi - 9 May 2017

hurlements en faveur de spider man

(2012) For the song (The Beauty) please visit mmpsuf.lt You can actually download 2 full albums (this song included) from there for free.

Lil Less Gloomy Summer Song

Für @halodies (May 2013)


There once was betroll.net. It was a sports betting social network. Sadly, it's gone now. Video provides a glimpse into it. (2015)

Source code available at bitbucket/estnon/betroll

Character Distance Map

Character Distance Map Online, simple character distribution analyzer. - 12.2018


Pseudo low poly man from sketch (Photoshop) (2017)

Enlarge - Sketch


In Turkish. (2012)


A weird take on Leonard Cohen's Suzanne (November 2012)

Küçücükken baş ucumda...




Nairobi Nairobi

Made with SonicPi - 2018


This is a simple NetLogo model trying to explore how heavy poaching affects elephant population in Africa. The inspiration for this model is the work of Joyce Poole on Gorongosa elephants. (November 2016)

Github - Modeling Commons (Run in browser)

Randomizer for Android

Generate random numbers, shuffle lists, randomize anything. (2015)

Google Play - Github

Humble Notes for Android

Easy to use, clean and distraction free note taking app. (2015)

Google Play - Github

Numba JS

Non-iterable number ranges. Kind of interval arithmetics. (2016)


Humble MA

Yet Another Moving Average for MT4. (January 2017)


Humble Ranges

An indicator for MT4. (January 2017)


Humble Tide

An ADX variant for MT4. (January 2017)